1/15th Done!

Another 5K race in Georgetown made for second race of the the 30@30 Campaign and second of the weekend. Jessie and Russell came to cheer me on and one of them also peed everywhere.

I had five goals going into this race:
1) Don’t get injured.
2) Feel tired at the end.
3) Negative-split the second half of the race.
4) Run slightly faster than yesterday.
5) Don’t lose to anyone who isn’t legally old enough to get a driver’s permit.

The first four were a success (number five still TBD)!
UPDATE: Got smoked by some 13 year old kid. Of course.

The 8ft. wide out-and-back running path was ridden with so many puddles that I wound up running an extra 0.15 miles skirting around water hazards/doing my best Courtney Frerichs impression to stay as mud-free as possible.

Despite the unimpressive time (averaging around 7:45/mile), the race felt pretty good and I got a medal just for finishing that made me feel more special than I am.

The race also proved that the weekend-double is doable with extensive Saturday afternoon stretching and ibuprofen. Now, Russell and I are going to have a napping contest.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 10.35.40 AM.png


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