Race #8: Injury Recovery on Stalin Island

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 12.09.54 PM
The Park Run event at Teddy Roosevelt (Stalin) Island made for eight race of the series. Crisp weather and smooth trails made for near-ideal conditions and Stephany, Steven, and Garrett joined me for this morning’s 5K!

Race Goals:
1) Test and don’t aggravate hamstring injury. ()
2) If pain-free, keep a pace at about 60% of lactate threshold. ()

After taking a few days off and doing a few days light running, I wanted to test out my hamstring injury. The good news: It’s only a strain. The bad news: It’s a true musculoskeletal hamstring injury and not just soreness. 

I probably should have just taken the whole week off, but this race was scheduled and I was determined to run (damn it!). So I suited up a pair of leg/knee braces that made me look like half of a bionic man and I biked a few miles to the start line to warm up.

I was nervous running the first mile as my hamstring felt slightly tight, though it loosened up a bit as I cruised through the halfway point. The middle of the race felt pretty good, but in the last half mile, my quad began to hurt. Compensating.
I finished the race without too much pain, pleased that I could get my heart rate up to about 151bpm and average about an 8:30/pace.

I got lucky. I didn’t seem to aggravate my injury, but I need to be smarter and take some time for this injury to heal. I feel like I’ve just begun to accomplish a few early season goals and started to enjoy these long, slow runs. Taking time off will be much more psychologically frustrating than physically hampering, but I need to try.

Maybe I’ll try biking.

Either way, I’m frustrated about having to slow down my training, but I’ll give it a shot. I am not a patient person.

Next race scheduled is the Welles Crowther Red Bandana Run in Boston. Come and join me if you’re in the bean!


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