Track Workout Recap: 6x800m

Thursday night played host to a track workout, the first of (gulp) many.

My dude Murat (5K PR: 14:47, Mile PR: 4:05) paced me through a 6x800m workout on the kinda-awkward 350m track in Georgetown.
We kept the pace reasonable but on the slower side. With exactly two minutes rest between reps, we clipped the first four in just under 7min/mile pace. The fifth interval was at a 6:45/mile pace and we opened up a bit on the last one to a 6:15/pace.

I haven’t run 800m repeats in maybe 13 years? It was…. okay.
Our pacing was pretty consistent and I was tired throughout but never exhausted. It was another clear indication that my core strength needs work.

It is a weird feeling to work pretty hard while someone next to you is barely jogging.

Next up: Labor Day 5K in Fairfax on Monday.