Workout Recap: 4x10min Cruise Intervals

(Don’t) let me get in my zone. 

A moderate-intensity workout was in order just two days before my next race. After 10min of warmup jogging, I hit the track and the trails for some Zone 3 work.

4x10min in Zone 3 followed each followed by 2min in Zone 2.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 2.57.19 PM

Right now, Zone 3 is about 155-162 bpm for an average pace of approximately 7:40-8:05/mile. 

It wasn’t too bad! I felt pretty weak during the first interval, but once I threw on some 90s tunes, the rest were not too bad at all. Add on another 10min of cool down (in this case, an uphill walk) and the workout was about 66 minutes and just over 7 miles. 

Varying the running terrain helped a lot, as the trails kept my mind a bit fresh and the track kept me focused. Bumping Jellyhead (remix) by Crush also helped. 

Sunday is the Parks 10K – I am bringing in a pacing rabbit to see if I can hit a certain goal…


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