Workout Recap: 8x300m

This week’s hardest workout fell on Wednesday when Coach Matt had me run 300m intervals. Here’s the whole workout:

  • 0.5 miles in Zone 1 
  • 1 mile in Zone 2
  • 8x300m in Zone 4/jog 200m between each in Zone 1
  • 1 mile in Zone 2

It was…. not awful! The intervals felt tiring just the way a hard workout should, but I a) didn’t seem to injure anything and b) was able to hold a Zone 4 pace throughout the workout. 

At my currently level of fitness, Zone 4 pacing means my heart rate ranged from 155-162 bmp, which is about a 5:35-5:55/mile pace. That meant that each 300m interval ranged from about 60-65 seconds. Not bad for an old man… kinda demoralizing that I used to cruise at this time for a full 400m in workouts just a decade ago. Oh, well. 

With no racing this weekend, the rest of the week involves about 24 miles at a slow pace with a few miles at moderate speeds along with some strengthening exercises. 



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