The First 15 in Stats and Photos

Halfway there! (Cue Bon Jovi). 

15/30 complete and I am starting to feel like a runner again.

Before I share some photos and recap some statistics, there are a few thank yous in order:

– Coach Matt Fitzgerald – his planning, structure, and accountability are top notch and have already began to pay off. 
Potomac River Running – their support has made it financially possible for me to pull this off, and I get all my sweet gear there too!
– All of you who have run with me, pledged your support, and Liked my updates along the way. Thank you!
– My amazing fiancé, Jessie, who is so supportive and patient and owns more stretching equipment than your average gym. 

Here are a few of the major statistics since the start of the campaign: 
– Total miles: 400+
– Slowest 5K: 23:33
– Fastest 5K: 20:41
– Slowest 10K: 48:16
– Fastest 10K: 45:32
– Total Races Won: 0
– Meaningful Injuries: 2
– Milligrams of ibuprofen taken: Tens of Thousands
– Friends Raced Alongside: 60+
– Race Rabbits: 2
– Lbs. lost: 15+

– Best Friends Who Are Doctors That I’ve Convinced to Help Me Blood Dope: 0 
– Money Pledged for Camperships: About $20K

A Few Goals for the Final 15 Races:
– Don’t get injured!
– Run at least three races of new lengths (non-5/10K races)
– Set a lifetime best at 10K (currently a measly 44:21)
– Break 20min for the 5K
– Win a race (relays count!)

Slideshow of Some Pictures from the First 15:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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