Workout Recap: TreadHill Intervals

I had a plan.

My plan was to dress warmly, get a good sweat going, and blitz the steepest hill in the area for this brutal workout. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I was ready for it.

Then I checked my weather app: “Feels like 2 degrees.”


That meant that my dreaded hill sprints would have to be done indoors.

Doing this workout on the treadmill had two advantages:
1) It’s indoors.
2) You can adjust your stride cadence and be sure you’re not changing speeds.

But the treadmill is confining, visually boring, and changing speeds is difficult and unnatural. Sprinting uphill is particularly hard as the moving belt makes comfortably running on your toes a challenge.

15min easy
8 x (1min hard, 2 min easy)
15min easy

Ooof, not fun.

On Coach Matt’s instructions, I set the treadmill to a 6% incline and did the one minute hard intervals at 9.8mph (6:07/mile pace). The easy sections were a slow uphill walk at the same incline.

This workout isn’t fun, but its necessary. No more speed work for a few days. The next big workout: 11.5 miles on Sunday.


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