New Longest Run Ever: 11.5(i) Miles


(i) = indoors. 

Did the whole thing on the treadmill, which kinda sucked.

My weather app said “Feels like 4 degrees” so spending almost two hours running alone in the cold was not in the cards. 

Starting off easily at over 10min/mile pace, I gradually increased the pace so that I averaged about 9:25/mile over the 11.5 miles. 

The worst part about running 11.5 on a treadmill: most treadmills at gyms are programmed to max out at a one hour time limit. That meant that after six miles I had to stop and restart the treadmill. As Jessie reminded me, it was not much different than waiting at a stoplight while running outside, but it was annoying. 

While last week’s 10 miler left me with a nice runner’s high, I was completely wasted after this run. Legs aching, IT band pulsing, head pounding. Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day.

Recovering post run:

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.57.39 PM.png


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