I’ve. Got. Goals. (In Different Area Cooooodeess…)

Inspired by my dude Nick Symmonds’ #RunGum blog post laying out 2018 racing goals, I’ve decided to try and crystalize a few running goals for the coming year. 

(Nick’s post also includes a useful goal-setting #BuildThePath worksheet that you can download for free, btw.)

I’ll list my 2018 goals from easiest to hardest:

1) Complete my 30 race challenge (15 to go!) by July 25th
2) Run at least three races of new lengths (non-5/10K races)
3) Set a lifetime best at 10K (currently a measly 44:21)
4) Break 20min for the 5K
5) Win a race (relays count!)
6) Break 19min for the 5K
7) Break 40min for the 10K
8) Accomplish my Super Secret Goals (not telling anyone!)

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 4.54.39 PM.png


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