Weekend Workouts Recap: Treadmill Buddies!

16+ miles scheduled for this weekend… can’t wait to log some miles outside. 

Oh, wait. “Feels like -2”. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 12.04.13 PM.png


Instead, side-by-side treadmilling was in order.

Saturday’s Workout:
6 miles in Zone 2 + 4x 20sec hard strides

‘Red Team’ member and 30@30 All-Star, Murat, joined me at the gym on Saturday morning for a side-by-side jog. I cruised six easy miles at about 9min pace and then we hit the fancy self-propelled curve treadmills for some strides. Felt pretty good – slight hip soreness – overall pretty easy.
Highlight: Murat trying to hit the Function button on my treadmill to cycle through the Display and see my pace, and instead inadvertently hitting the PAUSE/STOP button, forcing me to restart. It was pretty funny. 

Sunday’s Workout:
10 miles w/cutdown: 7 miles in Zone 2 + 1 mile @ 7:30, 1 mile @ 7:20, 1 mile @7:10

Featuring 30@30 All-Star, Lindsay. The first seven miles were again at around 9min pace and the last three “cutdown” miles felt tiring, but strong. Very encouraging stuff. 

The “Group Effect” was in full-force with these treadmill workouts. One of the reasons they are so great is that it allowed each of us to run at our own, easy/conversational pace, but still go radically different speeds from one another (see: Murat & Lindsay). So we all got in comparable workouts and were still able to stay ‘together’. 

Great stuff. 

This was my last run >8miles before next Sunday’s half marathon. Getting pumped!


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