Winter Weather Workouts: Tech Snafus and Shockingly Positive Crashes

I went down to Florida just to train!

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.33.33 PM.png

Just kidding. I was there for work. But I wasn’t going to miss a chance to run outside in 65 degree weather. 

Tuesday: 6 miles
Easy (Zone 2) with 6x30sec @ 5K pace sprinkled in

Lovely, easy run at about 9min/mile with a nice burst once/mile.

The fun started on the way home.

About three blocks out from my hotel, I finished an episode of a podcast so I opted to turn my headphones off rather than shuffle around for music just to sustain another minute of jogging. About 10 seconds later, I hear the screeching of brakes and a thud. I look down a side street and see, at a far intersection, someone on the ground in the middle of the road.

Oh, no. 

I bolt over there and arrive to see an older woman lying next to her bicycle in front of a van.

And… she’s… generally okay!

A construction worker and I help settle her and after a few minutes she managed to walk over to the sidewalk and sit back down. Realizing that although she was scraped and bruised pretty badly, she was just fine, things then really took a sudden turn for the amazing. 

She turned to the driver of the van – a young kid no more than 19 – and apologized profusely, noting how much she must have scared him when she tried to catch the light.

She was hugging and thanking everyone. The young guy who drove the van, the construction worker, Freddie, who was so kind and helpful to her. Myself and another young man who stayed around to help. 

We all sat there and talked for another 15 minutes. Exercising, living in a city, conflict with people you just met, politics. Freddie found out that I’m a “business psychologist” and wanted to ask about how to help a friend of his get into therapy. All sorts of stuff. 

It was an amazingly diverse mix – age, ethnicity, race – yet we were all so relieved at the outcome and unified by this scary experience. Even her bicycle only needed a new front wheel. 

An ambulance showed up, she waived it away. She wasn’t bleeding anymore and vowed to ride home. What a badass. 

It was a bizarre, endearing, surprising way to end a run. 

Wednesday: 8 miles
1 mile easy
6 miles at 7:50/mile, 1min rest between
1 mile easy

So I usually use an app (Nike+ running) on my phone to track my runs. Usually, the GPS feature works great. Sometimes, in new places, it’s a little funky. It had been a little funky on Tuesday, but I thought nothing of it. 

I jogged the first easy mile around the lake (read: monetized puddle) pictured above in about 9:15. Now, it was time to pick up the pace. Ideally, I’ll be running the first few miles of Sunday’s half-marathon at that 7:50 pace.

I took off at a pretty hard pace, keeping an eye on the time. I felt like I was moving pretty fast and I was pretty tired. After registering a mile, it said….. 8:20. 

Woah, that felt a lot harder than 8:20. Am I just not used to this humidity? 

Next mile: I picked up the pace yet again to the point where I’m breathing quite a bit more than I would have expected. My legs are hurting… did I overdo my strength workout the day before? I finish the second hard mile: 7:57. 

Huh? What’s going on? I feel awful. This just doesn’t make sense.Has it just been significantly easier on the treadmill? Am I missing something?

Maybe I should pack it in for today, go back to the hotel, stretch, and re-evaluate. I don’t think I can rip four more at this pace without really pushing myself.

I decide I’m going to give it a shot for one more mile. This time, I’m going to do two things differently. 

First, I’m simply going to run at what *feels* like a 7:50 pace and not care what splits I’m getting from my phone’s app. 

Second, I’m going to fire up the GPS component on my wristwatch (which I had only worn to time the 1-min break between miles so that I could avoid reseting my phone constantly) and see how it compares to my phone. 

I start running at a pretty comfortable pace and as the wristwatch reads 0.5 miles, I’m right on pace at 3:53. This feels much better. 

I finish this third hard mile in 7:47 feeling just fine. 

I finally take a look at my phone: “0.82 miles completed”. 


The calibration was WAY off. That explains it. Basically, my app was misreading the distance and as a result, I was probably running the first two hard miles at a sub-7 pace. 

This pace feels much better.

I finished up the last three harder miles and felt just fine. Tired, sure, but not exhausted by any means. 

Then… I got a blister! Woo! I cut my cooldown short and headed back to the hotel. Hopefully, I can get this thing healed fully by Sunday. 

It was an odd few days running in Orlando. Ah, Florida. 



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