Scheduled: Indoor 1-Mile at the Armory in NYC!

I’m going to enter in NYRR’s Thursday Night racing series and run the one (1) mile indoors at the Armory on Thursday, March 1st, in the evening (7pm)! 

I haven’t:
a) ever raced a mile
b) trained at all to race the mile
c) raced indoors since college

This will be interesting and should be fun. If past results are any indicator, most runners will be much better than me, though not all. 

Join me if you’re in the NYC area and want to test your speed – there are men’s and women’s heats! Or come and spectate for $5. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.07.23 AM.png


10 thoughts on “Scheduled: Indoor 1-Mile at the Armory in NYC!

    1. Hi Rimi – I’m hoping I’m in shape to run a measly 5:45 and will likely get there early to check in. Women’s 1 mile heats are first and begin at 7pm… I think they have to wait for more details based on race-day signups.


      1. Right, that was my understanding as well. Was wondering if you know the time range so I can coordinate commute, meal, etc.

        I don’t know anyone racing and I’m pretty much in the same boat: I haven’t trained for a mile race before. I did the 5th avenue mile 2 years ago and finished in 6:04. I’m recovering from a bad injury and wanted to give this a shot. I just hope they won’t turn off the lights and shut the doors while I’m still trying to finish.


  1. Looking at the results from their 2017 indoor meet where the mile was ran, there were a few women’s heats… I would guess be prepared to run at around 715pm? Just a guess, though!


      1. Exciting giving the fact that’s my first race indoor. Minor hick: I was told I should run with heat 6 and got my butt totally kicked. My name ended up showing on the screen of heat 7. Somebody messed up. Not sure why I was told to run with a different wave. I didn’t have anyone to compete with but the voices inside my head. I ended up with 5 seconds PR. Will take that any day. I’m still recovering from my injury.


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