Workout Recap: Mile Training with The Beast


I’m running my first-ever mile race tomorrow night at the Armory in NYC.

Today, I trained with my dude and Brooks Beast, Henry Wynne, fresh off his 1-mile PR on Sunday of 3:55.2, the #4 US time of 2018.


I’m just hoping to run the mile two minutes slower. Let that sink in. Absurd.

Henry and I logged a light warmup and then he decided to run an easy 40 minutes: basically, he ran my 5K race-pace of 6:30/mile for 40 minutes and was barely sweating. I kid you not – he was not sweating.

I did not do that. Instead, clocked a few slow miles and then did some strides and drills. Henry ran 10 strides at what would have been an all-out sprint for me.

Apparently, we’re technically the same genus and species. I’m unconvinced.


I am excited and nervous for tomorrow’s mile. I’m hoping to run sub-5:45. If all goes according to plan, I should. But I’ve never raced this distance, haven’t raced indoors in a decade, and never do well under pressure. Come by if you’re on the Upper West Side tomorrow night!


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