Workout Recaps and a Valuable Lesson

The last eight days featured about 43 miles total over various workouts… some better than others.

Sunday: 8.5 miles Easy
Outdoors in rainy Connecticut. Jess joined me for the first six. The temperature was pretty nice considering the rain! My GPS cut out at mile 7. That was fun.

Monday – Rest!

Tuesday – Progressive Miles
1.5 miles warmup, followed by mile repeats in 7:15, 6:55, and 6:35 with a medium-rest in between and then another slow 1.5 miles on the treadmill. The first rep was awful. I felt sluggish and heavy. No joke – and I realize this sounds like such blatant advertising – but I popped a mint Run Gum and felt considerably better! After I woke up and hit my stride, the last two hard miles felt very good and not too tough. 

Following this, I had to do some strength work. The core and leg exercises keep me injury free. They also make my legs very tight the next day.

Wednesday – 6 miles Easy
All on the treadmill at a slow, 9:30 pace. Felt great! Knocked off the rust and rolled right through. 

Thursday – 9x400m @ mile pace
I had expected this to be much better. I warmed up for a mile on the treadmill and headed out to the track. After each lap (400m), I would jog an easy lap. Not too bad, right? I was supposed to pace around 90 seconds/lap. 

I did hit my splits but I didn’t feel strong at all. The pace shouldn’t have felt so hard, but I didn’t feel primed and ready to go. What happened?

Breakfast happened. I switched up my typical breakfast and was reminded of a valuable lesson: don’t mess with your hard workout days. Those are the days not to take risks or deviate any more than necessary. When it comes to your key workouts, make sure you get yourself fully ready. I didn’t and I paid the price. 

Friday: Strength Training

Saturday: 6 miles Easy + Strides
Cold and rainy in NYC, I opted for the treadmill and felt pretty good. 

Sunday: 9 miles Easy
Treadmill once again but it felt pretty good! Aside from a pesky half-blister that I picked up at about mile five. 

Next up: a few hard workouts and then a big 5K on Sunday, Feb 11th, where I’ll try to break 20. Join me for it if you’re in the DC area!