Worlds Collide! Great Running Podcast

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I dig podcasts. I really dig friends. By the transitive (? – I was never good at maths) property of digging, I really, really dig it when friends are together on podcasts. 

One cool perk of my recent journey into running is that I’ve reconnected with one of my former college teammates, Jason Fitzgerald (no relation to Coach Matt Fitzgerald, as far as we know…). Jason is the founder of Strength Running and among the variety of great stuff he puts out is a really enjoyable podcast. I remember admiring Jason’s thoughtfulness and eloquence when we were teammates – they both show through over the airwaves. 

In the latest episode of the Strength Running podcast, Jason interviews none other than my dude, current pro-runner and former Camp Becket camper, Henry Wynne. Since I’m largely (about 97% I’d guess) responsible for Henry’s talent as a runner and general success so far in life (prob closer to 98% for that one…) it was really fun to hear what he has to say about training for the mile…

Kind of made me want to train for the Navy Mile in October here in DC……

Download it on itunes for today’s commute!



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