Turning the Dreadmill into the TreadThrill

Today’s hard workout: hills. 
Today’s forecast: rain. 

You know what that means….. treadmill time. I’ve run a hill sprint workout on the treadmill once or twice before and it was really challenging. 

Today should have been even worse: 1.5 mile warmup + 10x(1min at 10mph on 6% incline + 2min recovery jog) + 1.5 mile cooldown. 

After a carb-heavy breakfast (whole wheat toast, peanut butter, banana, protein water) and some strategic Run Gum intake (one piece right before intervals, one piece half-way through), the workout went really well. 

The workout was challenging, but I felt strong throughout. The first half of the workout – where I usually struggle psychologically – went well. To what should I attribute this?

Importantly, I think that the pace felt tolerable after last week’s one-mile race. Racing at a comparable mental effort for much longer than one minute boosted my self-efficacy.I even picked up the pace during the second half of the workout, jacking up the speed a bit on the final sprints! 

I also changed into my new Brooks Hyperions for the intervals – which have quickly become my go-to shoe for speed work. Switching back into my Nike Free Distance RNs for the cooldown really accentuated the lightness of the Hyperions. 

I also ran on a different treadmill. Which brings me to today’s question… what makes for a friendly treadmill?

Well, it depends on your workout. 

If you’re walking, you might care more about the entertainment console. If you’re logging serious miles, cushioning and spacing is probably most important. If you’re doing serious training, functionality and measurement are key. 

So how to choose? Well… if you’re looking to learn more about treadmills, I recommend this sharp article from the Reviews.com team. It breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of a series of models based on they’re use-case. I dig it. 

Personally, I prefer a treadmill with minimal entertainment bells and whistles, mainly because our own devices are so advanced. I get much more out of my phone than any preprogrammed treadmill console.

Treadmills with diverse functionality are awesome.

Why doesn’t every single treadmill allow you to program your own workouts? For example, I’d like to be able to pre-program a treadmill to do today’s workout without having to lift a finger after getting started. Ideally, the treadmill would automatically adjust the pace and incline based on information I input before kicking off a workout. This seems like 101 for treadmills, but it’s apparently not.

While I can’t say I enjoy a hard workout on the treadmill, I definitely enjoy being able to get in a workout more than being sidelined by weather.

Next tough workout: 30-20-10 repeats on Friday. Hopefully, I’ll be able to hit the track for these… but I may have to do them indoors on a Curve treadmill. Stay tuned!


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