Light vs. Lean and Other Findings

Back in February, I had a chance to go through a series of tests at the GW Weight Management and Human Performance Lab. Based on a series of test results, Todd and Steph at the lab put together a customized nutrition plan designed to help me shed unhelpful weight without compromising my endurance training. 

Six weeks later, it was time to head back to the lab to see how I was doing. 

I was quite curious what the DXA body scan would find… I felt like I’ve been doing a pretty good – not phenomenal – job of adhering to my new nutrition (newtrition?) plan.

The first few weeks were rough. My metabolism was basically saying WHAT IS HAPPENING – I even felt like I was gaining weight as I tried to figure out the new diet. Eventually, my body began to settle in, but I wasn’t sure what the results would find. 

Todd said: “Losing weight is easy… losing fat is much harder.” True that. So… the results…?



Since my original set of tests, I’ve lost five pounds of unhelpful fat AND gained nearly a pound of muscle in the process!

A few key takeaways so far:

1) It takes a few weeks. Your body takes around six weeks to adjust to a massive dietary change and far too many people abandon new dietary plans far too quickly (Steph noted that this is true of women much more so than men). 

After a few weeks of not seeing the results, I was tempted to quit, but I stuck with it and turned the corner quickly. 

2) It is helpful to be light as a runner – but the real goal is to be lean – building useful muscle to help defy gravity with each stride. Not only did this new plan help me burn off some unwanted fat, but I also gained muscle in the process. This diet plan isn’t about weight loss – it’s about fat loss. 

3) I wasn’t perfect with my dieting – I wanted to incorporate this new plan but still enjoy foods and eating. But I didn’t need to be perfect to see results. 

If this kind of stuff interests you… good news! There are a few Groupons available to get these measurement tests – DXA scan, RMR test, VO2 Max test – at a serious discount. 


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