Brutal Workout Recap: 2+4+1.8

Today featured the first hard workout of the week and another chance to aggravate my sore feet:

2 miles easy
4 miles @ 6:54/mile pace
2 miles easy

It was supposed to be hot in DC today so I thought I’d beat the midday heat. 

Turns out, the midday heat started before 11am. 

Slightly under-hydrated and switching around my daily meal schedule for some odd reason (all I had was a tall glass of smoothie prior to running), I ventured out into the 85 degree sun for this one. 

The first two miles felt enjoyable out on the bike path.

That sure changed quickly. 

As I began the tough portion of the workout, I switched directions to execute this portion of the workout on fairly even terrain only to discover that I had been running with a significant tailwind.

That meant that with my sudden about-face, I’d start my four hard miles running into the wind. I felt sluggish and sore from Monday’s strength training and it showed… I averaged a tough 7:15/mile pace for miles 3-4 of the workout. 

I spun around and enjoyed the tailwind for the last two hard miles (5-6), but still averaged right about 7min/mile. Then, I feebly jogged another 1.8 miles over to the supermarket to grab some lunch and demolish a not-so-good Gatorade (they didn’t have my preferred flavor). I don’t normally recommend a sports drink post-run, but I was really craving it, so I submitted. 

The workout was very discouraging and doesn’t bode too well for my sub-40 10K attempt this Sunday. Luckily, while my feet hurt, they didn’t prevent me from running. They just hurt.

Coach said not to worry… as long as the race conditions aren’t the same, this workout isn’t an indicator. I’m skeptical… but at this point, it’s over and done. All I can do is focus on the next day of training. 


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