Fitness Testing & Speed Workout Recap

I just had my second set of follow-up testing with Steph, Todd, and Mike at the GW Weight Management & Human Performance Lab!

Last time, I was pleased to find that I lost quite a few pounds of unhelpful fat AND gained muscle.

Two steps forward, one step back.


I still managed to lose another pound of fat, but lost some muscle as well.

This makes sense: My plantar injury has limited my running severely, which meant my caloric deficiency wasn’t where it needed to be. Sure, I was pool-jogging and biking a bit, but those activities are not weight-bearing, so you simply don’t burn as many calories.

All the more reason to get over these injuries and get my mileage back up! I just need to double down and make sure I stay focused on healthy eating. Won’t be so easy with my wedding coming up…

Good news is that I still have enough energy to churn a decent workout:

On the track in a light drizzle:
2 miles easy
7x300m in 1min (5:20/mile pace) w/200m jog between
1min full rest
1 mile in 6:05
1 mile easy

Despite a little slickness on the track, the workout went well. The 300s were mild compared to last week’s 600s, even at a slightly faster pace. I managed to jog-out each 200m without having to walk. Only required one pack of Run Gum. 

After a minute of rest (and some Gatorade), I pushed through a hard mile. The 6:05 mile felt pretty good all things considering. My legs were quite sore, but my breathing wasn’t too bad. The hard mile was supposed to be in 6:20… but I was feeling smooth. 

This was my last speed work as a bachelor! I’ll jog a slow nine miles on Friday, but otherwise, it’s a few well-deserved(?) days of low-key maintenance work until I’m back on the track next week! 


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