Just $30: Young Alumni Final Push

We have over $25K pledged to camperships!

To help us get over the $30K hump, I’m hoping that we can get 300 young alumni (under 30) to donate just $30! That’s only $1/race! 

If you haven’t yet made a pledge, will you consider helping us get over the final hump? 

Important Note: The credit for the donation is entirely yours! Your name gets credited in the annual report and you get the tax savings – filling out a pledge form simply ensures we can ‘register’ your pledge to camp as part of this fundraiser. 

Here are a few things that Millennials might spend $30 on that should go to helping campers attend camp instead:

– Avocado toast
– Two of anything at wholefoods
– An unnecessary Lyft (Uber) ride
– 3 extra drinks (+ tip) on a night out (or just 2 extra drinks if you’re at the Dreamaway…)
– Anything at LuluLemon (just buy the same thing somewhere else and save thousands…)


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