400m Intervals, Weights, Depletion Run

Friday: 6x400m @ 5K pace.

The run felt good! With 2:30 active jog rest between intervals, my splits were strong, averaging about 1:22/400m. Afterwards, I joined some of my Friday track workout friends and paced them through their 200s in 40-45 seconds:

Saturday: Weights

Felt good as well… though I probably didn’t push hard enough. Generally, I should be “lifting to failure” – getting to a point in each set where I can’t complete any more reps. Evidence suggests that this really builds muscle – regardless of how heavy the weights. Will try to push harder next time. 

Sunday: 8 mile Depletion Run

A Depletion Run is a long run done first thing in the morning on a completely empty stomach. By depriving the body of any calories to burn, you burn through your carbohydrate stores and train your body to start burning more fat. As Coach Matt pointed out, during trim-down portions of an early training cycle, athletes often incorporate one long depletion run per week. 

This was my first ever long depletion run. My muscles felt like they were trying to wrench energy out of my bones. Still, it wasn’t too miserable, and was an overall good experience. The best part? You get to eat whatever you want right afterwards. So I polished off my run with a jelly donut, a bag of fruit snacks, and one of (former race rabbit) Lindsay O’Brien’s famous dessert brownies. 

And then I polished that off with a long sugar-and-fatigue-induced nap with Russ:

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 9.27.06 AM.png


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