600m Intervals, Weights, Depletion Run

Saturday: 1.5 mile warmup, 6x600m @ 5K pace, 1.5 mile cooldown

5:45am wakeup for this one to beat the heat – and it was well-worth it! It was already high 70s by the time I hit the track at 6:45am, though there was a decent cool breeze that made the weather tolerable. 

Hoping to average 2:15/600m (6min/mile pace), I did fairly well. I averaged about 2:17 for the first few, and then dropped to about 2:14 for the last couple – including a quick 2:09 for the final interval. The workout called for 200m jogs between each 600, which took me about 100 seconds each. 

Saturday: Weights

I pushed it a little harder than past days, upping the weight total and trying to get a bit closer to “failure” on every set. A solid session requiring significant Run Gum intake for caffeine after the tough interval workout. 

Sunday: 9 mile Depletion Run

This calorie-free run at 6:30am was much better than last week’s, thanks to Rabbit Lindsay (aka Lindsay O’Brien) joining me for much of the jog. It’s amazing how much less painful a long run can be when your mind is free to focus on a good conversation. We averaged about 9:20 pace for the nine mile jaunt, as we did our best to find shady paths. Temperatures were already in the mid-80s by the end of the run.

Next up: Final race of the campaign on July 4th! 


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