What’s Next?

The 30 races are complete!

So…. what now? 

Should I continue to build on the immense fitness improvements, healthier lifestyle I’ve created, reignited passion for running, and rediscovered drive for self-improvement by continuing to train and race as a competitive amateur runner?

Or should I just stop?

Hmm. When you put it that way….

While my body desperately needs a reset and the proper cyclical training approach, I am definitely going to keep pounding the pavement (and rubberized-surfaces). 

I’ve got a few ideas for some racing goals – some more attainable than others – and I’m going to get started with periodized training right away. In fact, I plan to announce an ambitious goal in the next week, so stay tuned…

The real question I have for you is… should I keep this running blog going? Would you read it? If so, do I change the name/website? Take the poll



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