Big Announcement: The Sub-5 Challenge

With just two weeks of formal time left to reach our goal of $30K, we have less than $5K in pledges to go! 

And now that my 30 races are complete and I plan to continue training at a vigorous pace, I need (at least) one new goal. 

Enter: The Sub-5 Challenge:

I’m going to attempt to run a sub-5 minute mile at the famous 5th Avenue Mile, on Sunday, September 9th, in New York City! 

While I could hit the track and cruise a sub-5 mile as a fit high school runner, I’ve never actually recorded a sub-5 mile in an actual race. You might remember that I did run a one-mile race this winter indoors at the Armory, where I surprised myself with a strong final lap to run a 5:28.

Running sub-5 at my age requires a different level of fitness with the real need to improve my speed and anaerobic ability, and doing more speed work as a part of this effort should help improve my 5K times as well. 

So I’m going for sub-5… in more ways than one!

Want to run the 5th Ave Mile with me? Sign up
Want to help my other sub-5 goal? Pledge a donation!



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