What I Learned: Gear

This yearlong exercise (pun) has taught me a lot about different gear and other goodies. I’ll highlight some of my recommendations below:

Bluetooth Headphones: Are an absolute must. Do not waste time and energy carrying your phone in hand while you run. That’s so 2013. Instead, try these great bluetooth headphones. For less than $30, their value is unbeatable. Simply strap your phone to your arm (or grab a smartwatch that stores music!) and enjoy. 

Shades: Another solid buy for under $30. They’re sturdy, handle sweat well, and multi-functional. You waste a lot of energy squinting through tough sunlight that can tense up your face/neck/shoulders. If you don’t want to wear a hat, wear shades. 

Wristband: Need a place to store your keys while running? This sweatband has a little zipper pocket. $3. 

Socks: I like these double-socks. They’re lightweight great at preventing blisters. 

Anti-Chaffing Balm: You won’t notice it’s there, but you’ll notice it post-run if it’s not! 

Soreness Balm: This arnica-based gel feels great on your muscles after a tough workout. I also apply it pre-race to muscles that I know will hurt, so that when the fatigue sets in I am treated to a cooling sensation that makes the pain much more tolerable!

Plantar Socks: Got bad plantar faciitis? These sleeping socks keep your foot flexed overnight and are a game-changer. 

Foam Roller: If you’re not foam rolling, you’re doing it wrong. For less than $20, this is all you need. 

Stay tuned for the next edition – all about supplements!

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