What I Learned: Supplements

If you missed my last post about recommended gear, make sure to check it out here

At a certain point, many amateurs enter the “Supplement Phase” of their running trajectory. Suddenly, there are all sorts of strange gels, pills, bars, drinks, and whatnot that you’re convinced are the difference between success and failure. This is completely untrue. That said, they can (and do!) help – and some are better than others. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Run Gum: Yeah, you knew this was coming. I chew Run Gum for the calorie-free caffeine on most of my runs – certainly the tough ones. Mint flavor tastes like Winterfresh Gum, Fruit flavor tastes like Juicy Fruit, and Cinnamon tastes like Big Red. I’ve actually yet to try the new, extra strength flavor, Spearmint, but it’s 2x the caffeine and supposed to be great. Use code jaket10 for a discount 😉


Nuun: My wife turned me on to Nuun. It’s a little tablet that dissolves in water and packs some useful nutrients. There are also caffeinated flavors – great for a pre-morning hydrated alternative to coffee. I am a big fan of tangerine and blackberry. 

Picky Bars: Made by runners for runners. This has the 4:1 carbs: protein ratio perfect for a post-run snack (eat within an hour!). I recommend Blueberry Boomdizzle. 

Gu: For endurance workouts longer than an hour, a little Gu gues a long way. Chocolate Coconut is my favorite flavor (tastes like a Samoa cookie!) and Chocolate Sea Salt is great too. Lots of flavors to try. 

Muscle Milk Pro 50 Knockout: This chocolate-flavored protein goes great in smoothies and packs a ton of protein/calorie. 

Isopure Coconut: This drink packs 40g of protein in just 160 calories. It tastes just like (a slightly tart) coconut water. 


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