30@30: By The Numbers

This may be my favorite post. 

Here’s a look at how the numbers stack up for the year:

Races Run: 30
Money Raised for Camper Scholarships: $30K+
Races Won: 2
Total Miles Run: 1350+
Rabbits Followed: 4
Friends Raced-With: 70+
Best Friends with Medical Degrees Who Refused to Help me Blood Dope: 1
Pieces of Run Gum chewed: (ERROR NUMBER TOO GREAT)
Significant Injuries Sustained: 2
Pounds of Fat Lost: 25+
Total Pounds of Weights Lifted: <1.2 million 
Dollars Spent on Running Gear: No comment. 
Milligrams of Ibuprofen Ingested: 50,000+
US States/Territories Run: 12
Countries Run: 3
Stretching Tools in the House: 8+
Pairs of Shoes: 7
Times Gotten Legally Married: 1
Recovery Equipment Stolen from Wife: 3+
Trips to PR Running Store: 40+
Former NCAA All-Americans Ran With: 3
Olympic Gold Medalists Met: 1
World Champions Raced Near: 1
Participation Trophies: Many
Most Miles Run on Treadmill at Once: 11.5
Dogs Run With: 1
Surfaces Run On: 8
Running Books Read: 12
Smoothies Made: 120+
Friends Inspired to Start Running Consistently: >5
Times Murat & Lindsay Each Claimed to be “Out of Shape” and Still Effortlessly Jogged with me as I Ran Hard: 1,000,000,000
Running-induced naps with Russell: 50+
Bad Suggestions from Tyler for This Post: 6



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