Final Race: Tomorrow!

The 30th and final race of the campaign is nigh! 

While it is the last race, this is the first time I have used the word ‘nigh’.

The 30@30 Chip-Time Champions will compete for a chance at team glory in PR Races’ Firecracker 5K, in Reston, VA. The weather promises to be too warm, my legs promise to be too sore, and the competition likely too good…. but alas, the show must go on. 

Despite being far from peak form at the moment and off-cycle in training, I plan to run this one hard. Last time, I enjoyed this course for what was a solid season’s best. If I can even match that time tomorrow, I’ll be happy. 

Join me if you’re in the DC area!


600m Intervals, Weights, Depletion Run

Saturday: 1.5 mile warmup, 6x600m @ 5K pace, 1.5 mile cooldown

5:45am wakeup for this one to beat the heat – and it was well-worth it! It was already high 70s by the time I hit the track at 6:45am, though there was a decent cool breeze that made the weather tolerable. 

Hoping to average 2:15/600m (6min/mile pace), I did fairly well. I averaged about 2:17 for the first few, and then dropped to about 2:14 for the last couple – including a quick 2:09 for the final interval. The workout called for 200m jogs between each 600, which took me about 100 seconds each. 

Saturday: Weights

I pushed it a little harder than past days, upping the weight total and trying to get a bit closer to “failure” on every set. A solid session requiring significant Run Gum intake for caffeine after the tough interval workout. 

Sunday: 9 mile Depletion Run

This calorie-free run at 6:30am was much better than last week’s, thanks to Rabbit Lindsay (aka Lindsay O’Brien) joining me for much of the jog. It’s amazing how much less painful a long run can be when your mind is free to focus on a good conversation. We averaged about 9:20 pace for the nine mile jaunt, as we did our best to find shady paths. Temperatures were already in the mid-80s by the end of the run.

Next up: Final race of the campaign on July 4th!