Workout Recap: Second Longest Run Ever and Mile Repeats on the Track

Sunday’s long run with Murat wound up being the second longest run I’ve ever been on (besides my half-marathon race)! Our 12 miles at 8:07 pace on DC’s canal path took about 1:37 and were so much more enjoyable with a partner. 

Curveball: I did this as a depletion run, going calorie-starved for about 12 hours prior to the run. My legs and abs began to feel it the second half of the run, but it wasn’t too bad. And my Gatorade post-run tasted so, so good. 

Then on Tuesday, I dragged Murat over to the track for my one-mile repeats.
The workout:

1.5 mile warmup
1 mile @ 6:22
1 mile easy
1 mile @ 6:22
1.5 mile jog

The workout was meant to be challenging, but not impossible. Murat ran his own version of the fast mile repeats – leaving me halfway through the first mile and hammering a hard 800 to finish, and then doing the same for the last quarter-mile of the second go-round. He blitzed the last 400 in a scorching 63 seconds. 

My legs felt heavy a day after Monday’s lifting session, but my breathing was controlled and I managed to handle running 6:17 and 6:18 for the two hard miles respectively. 

Next hard workout: 10 x 30sec hill sprints on Friday morning. Fun.

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