Weekly Workout Recap

I’ve been enjoying the oh-so-lovely heat this past week, which made for an even more difficult tough week of workouts:

Friday, August 3rd: Hill Sprints
15min easy
10x 30-second relaxed hill sprints
15min cool down

My legs felt pretty good… which probably meant the hill wasn’t steep enough. According to some Google-enabled calculus, it was probably a 5-6% grade hill. Maybe more slope needed?

Saturday, August 4th: Easy Run, Drills, Strides + Core Lifting
4miles Easy

Core strength session

Sunday, August 5th:  Long Run w/Fast Finish
10 miles: 9 miles at Zone 2 pace + 1 mile in 6:50

I decided to do this run calorie-depleted. Ouch. Normally, my legs really feel the depletion about 80% into a run… this time, it was about 60% through that I really started to feel it. I timed my run so that I would finish nine miles and arrive at the local track for the 10th and final fast mile. After maintaining a pace that hovered around 8:30/mile for the first nine, I adjusted the tempo well and managed to knock out the final mile in 6:07! A good result – and a bit surprising. 

Monday, August 6th: Power/Plyos Lifting

Tuesday, August 7th: Steady-State ‘Intervals’
15min easy
10min @6:50/mile pace
10min easy
10min @6:50/mile pace
15min easy

This moderate workout felt pretty good – I managed to maintain around a 6:35 pace for the hard sections. In retrospect, I probably should have cruised a bit slower. 

Wednesday, August 8th: Easy run + Core Lifting
Morning: Easy 6 miles
Afternoon: Core Lifting 


Thursday, August 9th: Easy 6 miles

Friday, August 10th: Intervals
2 miles easy
4 x 15sec strides
6x600m @ 2:10 with 200m jog between
1 mile easy

My legs were pretty dead for this one… but I generally managed to hit the 2:10 mark, though I had to walk/jog the last two 200m rolls. 


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