Thank You: Potomac River Running

When I first thought about running 30 races, two things came to mind.

1) This is going to be exhausting.
2) This is going to be expensive

Enter: Potomac River Running. I had shopped at my nearby PR store a few times before and was impressed with their selection and ethos. I figured, hey, maybe I’ll see if they’d like to get behind this cause and help me out.

So I sent an email to PR…. not sure if I’d hear back.

Keira wrote back right away. 

Yes, they thought this was cool and yes, they’d love to help. Because PRR also hosts a lot of races, they would be able to hook me up with discounted entry to their events in support of this cause. 

But I got a lot more than that. 

I discovered a great community of runners and a small business that genuinely wanted to positively influence the local community – and was completely on board with walking the talk. 

I wanted to get more involved with PRR and they made it easy. I started helping out at some races. I was asked to help coach some of their training programs. 

Most importantly, I met some really great people. 

I got to know Keira, Ray, Becca, Cathy, and Terri. I met some outstanding coaches in Mike and Scott. 

Russ and I take walks over to see Phillip and Caroline at the Ballston PR store 1-2x per week and he loves it. He’s their best customer. 


I was looking for a group that could get behind a cause… I found a terrific group of run-o-philes that I’m psyched to continue to run along side (pun). 

Thank you, PR Running, so very much! 


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