Workouts Recap: Take Two & Seeing God

Last Thursday’s 800m repeats were one of three tough workouts before the 5th Avenue Mile. It was supposed to be the second-toughest of the bunch. That proved to be the case…


Sunday featured a progression long run. I was supposed to do 8 miles: 4 easy, and then three at increasing speeds with brief jogs between, followed by one easy. 

I headed out early in the morning despite not feeling awake. Two miles in, I quit.
I just had nothing. Dead legs, no energy, no willpower. Nothing. So I turned around and walked/jogged back home in the heat very disappointed with myself. 

Later that evening, I managed to execute the progression on the treadmill. It was fairly tough: Miles in 8:50, 6:40, 6:30, 6:20 with one minute rest between. I managed. I didn’t get the long-run stimulus I was hoping for, but the miles were still probably helpful.


Tuesday night was the monster. This is the kind of all-out effort that standout track and XC coach, Steve Magness, calls a ‘Seeing God’ workout. 

2 Miles Easy
4×15 sec strides
10x200m in 34 seconds w/30 seconds rest
2 Miles Easy

Blue/Magenta Team tried to wait for the heat and humidity to die down…. without much success. It was about 88 degrees and 85% humidity when we finished our warmups. 

Murat kept me company through the 11 minutes of pain. The workout was generally a success – the first six repeats going off without a hitch. Then, the lactic acid caught up with me, and I simply couldn’t maintain that speed with that minimal rest. My interval speed crawled to 36 seconds per rep and my rest periods extended to 45-55 seconds each:


Though the results weren’t ideal, they weren’t too discouraging. The conditions were far from enjoyable. I was pleased with the overall effort as I was completely exhausted following the last 200m sprint. Murat was…. just fine. 

We did some cool down laps and watched as another runner was endlessly cruising at 5min/mile pace. Maybe one day…



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