5th Avenue Struggles

I don’t have much I want to say about this one…

I ran 11 seconds slower than I had hoped, felt as though I could have run much faster, and stepped on someone’s foot after the finish line and severely sprained my ankle. It was a rather unpleasant experience. 

The roads were slick from heavy rain and it was difficult to gain firm footing. More than anything, the field was packed. Not wanting to sneak through the crowd to the start, I wound up starting toward the back of the pack and spent almost the entire race jockeying for position. 

The photo here tells the whole story. I wasn’t working as hard as I could have been and I was constantly weaving through traffic:

5th ave.jpg

This was mid-race and looks as though it could have been at the start of a major marathon.

My thanks to Terence and Kevin for running as well, and a huge, huge thanks to Kelli Buck for coming out to cheer. 

I’ve got a few weeks to get my ankle healthy and train up for the Navy Mile on Sept. 30th. 


One thought on “5th Avenue Struggles

  1. It’s almost always the case with NYRR If you don’t snake to where you should be at the beginning. Their races are so popular and crowded.
    Wish I was able to join you but I’m recovering from a hip surgery.
    Good luck with your next race and stay healthy.
    I have been following your story since last year and really enjoyed this blog.


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